• Math Websites


    FasttMath-This is a link to this program that you are familiar with using it at school. The user name is firstlast with no spaces or caps ( ie...johndoe) and password is password.  This works best on a computer as Ipads don't have Adobe Flash Players.




    Zearn -The username is last,first ( ie...doe,john) and password is password. 

    Class Code 

    Section 1 UN3M4E

    Section 2 CD3V3D



    Freckle - User Name is last,first ( ie...doe,john)

    Password - Section 1 fleegs

                       Section 2 fleegg



    Below is a link to live daily math videos with hosts.  They are interactive and there are two time slots each day for a new lesson.  They are starting off with basic skills and will increase your accuracy.


    99 MATH






    Science Websites

     This link will take you to some high interest and highly entertaining science videos

    Generation Genius


    Multiple Content Websites

    Click on the BrainPop Link.  There are several content areas you can click one that interests you and watch short videos.



Last Modified on April 27, 2020