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    Are you ready to Break Out??

    I'm sure we are ALL ready to break out of our houses, right?  I know I am!  Since we aren't able to do that YET, I have a fun way for us to STILL break out.

    Have you ever done an Escape Room?  I have!  They are so much fun and really make you think -- which is the best part!!  The last Escape Room I completed was with a big group of math teachers from all across the state of Pennsylvania.  Below is the picture that we took at the end when we broke out of the locked room we were in!  The coincidental thing is that we were tasked with saving the world from a deadly pathogen.  😳  Thankfully we succeeded!


    Now it's your turn to escape and break out!  (This activity is optional.)  You are about to complete the following mission:

    Lost Deep in Space


    Oh no! You were traveling through a space vortex and the electromagnetic fields caused your control center to short circuit. You must figure out what’s wrong and fix it before you veer too far off course and become . . . Lost in Space!

    This mission will be completed entirely online!  And I SURE HOPE you are successful so that you aren't lost in space!!  That would be terrible!

    Here are the steps you should take to get started on your mission:

    1.  Travel to https://student.breakoutedu.com/bsignup.

    2.  Enter the following class code:

                Period 1 - 2LGSHG

                Period 2 - DHLUQ9

    3.  You will set up your account with a username and password.

    4.  Once you're in, click on your class and you will see the assigned game, "Lost Deep in Space."  Click "PLAY!"


    You will use the clues you are given (you will need to remember all those geometry vocabulary words we learned!!) to unlock 4 locks:  a number lock, a color lock, a word lock, and a directional lock.  You might want to try it on your own first, but don't hesitate to get the family invovled to help solve the clues.  If you complete all the clues correctly and unlock every lock, you will win the game and break out!!  This game is not timed, so you don't need to feel rushed.  Take your picture next to the break out sign at the end of the game (just like in my photo above) and share with me on ClassTag or through my email.  I will be so relieved to see that you are back on planet Earth!  😉  Have fun and think, think, think!!


    Lost Deep in Space Solution -- Spoilers ahead!!  Don't watch the video unless you are ready to see the correct answers!  


Last Modified on April 21, 2020