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  • Academy Writing -Quarter 4 

    Ms. Baker, Mrs. Beech, Mrs. Rouch 


    The following assignments are for students enrolled in Academy Writing during the fourth quarter. 

    We are so disappointed that we will not get to spend the fourth quarter teaching you in person!  Regardless, we want to help you explore the topics we cover in Academy Writing class.   

    Our objectives are to use writing: 

    • To explore various career paths, in conjunction with the other Academy classes. 
    • To encourage students to reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses. 
    • To promote excellent communication. 

    * You will only receive work in the last two mailings. They are technically packets #3 and #4, even though they will be the first ones for those taking Academy Writing during quarter 4.*


     Work for packet #3 of closure -Click this link for the assignments.  You will have to choose "Enable Editing" for it to appear with the formatting. 


    Cover Letter Tutorial - In class, students typically research a future job and write a cover letter for a desired position.  This tutorial video is a very helpful resource for this life skill.  Remember, you should ALWAYS included a cover letter with a job application, even when it's not required, so that you as the applicant stand out from the rest!

    "Setting Goals that Matter" - This is a TED Talk that focuses on appropriate goal setting and motivation. It would go well with the journal prompt on steps to reaching a goal. 

    "Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator" - In class, we typically talk about how goals can be interrupted by obstacles such as procratination. This TED Talk humorously discusses the very real pitfalls of procrastination in relation to writing and life.

     5 Tips to Improve your Writing - A short video lesson on formal vs. informal writing.

    Paragraph Structure - This short video outlines what a solid paragraph looks like.  It explains topic sentence, supporting details that are related to the topic sentence, and a closing sentence. A solid essay begins with a solid paragraph!

    Research Writing and MLA - This is the Purdue Owl site that is a valuable resource for all things writing.  The page the link takes you to is a sample research paper that we typically go over in class. Students research a future career and use MLA formatting to write their papers. 


    Work for packet 4- Click this link for the assignments.  You will have to choose "Enable Editing" for it to appear with the formatting. 

    Video: Tips and Directions for packet #4


    Five Reasons to Write a Letter to Yourself (and how to do it)- This is an incredible exercise to do no matter how old you are. Writing a letter to yourself gives you insight and teaches you valuable life lessons that will stick with you long afterwards. Think of it as a time capsule.

    FutureMe.org- This site lets you send an email to yourself and have it delivered at a future date. This is so cool! Do it! Do it now. Send yourself a letter in week, a month, or even 5 years from now! 

    Original transcript of “I ‘Have a Dream.”

    Video: Historical Background and Clips of MLK speech. This includes rhetorical devices and other elements we discuss in class- This is a short video by the History Channel that gives background on when, why, and how MLK's speech manifested.  Did you know that is was actually improvised on the spot! 

    Video: Developting a thesis statement (may be helpful in crafting your essay in packet 4)

    Extra Video: Types of journalls (gratitude lists, daydreams, quote journals, etc)








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