• Nestled inside this folder are your math lessons for Module 6. You can click the drop down arrow beside Module 6 on my home page to see each folder.  I have included the problem set and links to Youtube videos that you may be familiar with.  This unit finishes your 5th garde math instruction and will be helpful to you in 6th grade.



    Here are two games for coordinate graphing you can play with a family member.  You will need dice. 

    Coordinate Graphing Fluency Games  


    Sheet with terminology that will help you in this module.

    Vocab Coordinate Graphing


    There have not been all the problem sets sent home in the packet.  I apologize for this.  You can find them all on the each individual page for the lesson.  There is a link there that will take to each lesson.  Also, in the packet there is only page and often times the problem set is more than one page.

Last Modified on April 29, 2020