• Math Sprints for Fluency

    Eureka Math offers sprints as an effort to promote mathematical fluency.  These are OPTIONAL, but are an excellent way to improve your son/daughter's math fluency (read about math fluency HERE).  As you complete them with your child, encourage him/her to look for patterns with the math.  Can he/she think of a different way to solve?  Try to discourage counting on fingers in favor of using number sense to solve!  

    Use the following sequence as you complete the sprints:

    1.  Complete Sprint A.  Time your child for 60 seconds (This is what's recommended.  However, you could start at 90 seconds if a minute doesn't seem like enough.)

    2.  Have your child check his/her paper with a colored pencil, marker, or crayon.

    3.  Give your child a break while doing some kind of movement or exercise.  For example, you could skip count by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. while doing arm circles or touching toes.

    4.  Complete Sprint B.  Time your child for the same number of seconds.

    5.  Have your child check his/her paper with a colored pencil, marker, or crayon.

    ** The goal is improvement from Sprint A to Sprint B.  It isn't expected that students complete the entire page!

    *** Think of it this way:  When we want to teach fluency in reading, we focus on speed, accuracy, and proper expression.  To master those skills, we have students read the same sentence, paragraph, or passage multiple times.  Why?  Because repetition promotes mastery.  It's the same with math!  The more opportunities students have to work with the same operations in the same format, the more likely they are to experience success.  Don't hesitate to have your child complete the same sprints multiple times -- that's utilizing them correctly!  You could put them in sheet protectors and use dry erase markers to save printing the paper over and over.

Last Modified on April 24, 2020