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    Khan Academy Polynomial Unit - This section of Khan Academy pretty much covers everything in the current chapter.  The new material falls under the subsections titled "Factoring..."  There are many videos and practice components on this site that could be beneficial to you.  I am going to link videos that specifically help with the concepts in Packet 4, but feel free to check out this page and practice with any and all concepts.

    Khan Academy - Polynomial Unit


    Packet 4 listed by topic (with helpful resources included)

    Lesson 9-6  Factoring Trinomials in the form ax2 + bx + c

    Help Video - Les 9-6 Notes (Mrs. Morris)

    Help Video - Les 9-6 Extra Examples (Mrs. Morris)

    Khan Academy Video - This video shows a totally different way to factor these problems.  It requires understanding of Lesson 9-8 for this method to make sense.


    Stop Sign Page

    Khan Academy Video - This video does a good job of explaining factoring a GCF first but then explains reverse FOIL the same way as the Khan Academy video for Lesson 9-6.

    Help Video - Stop Sign Page (Mrs. Morris)


    Lesson 9-7  Factoring Special Cases                                   5/18 - Zoom Optional Check-In @ 12

    Help Video - Lesson 9-7 (Mrs. Morris)                             Packet 4 (pages 2 - 7)


    Lesson 9-8  Factor by Grouping 

     Help Video - Lesson 9-8 (Mrs. Morris)

     Help Video - Khan Academy


    Lesson 12-2  Simplifying Rational Expressions       5/20 - Zoom Optional Check-In @ 12

     Help Video - Lesson 12-2 (Mrs. Morris)                                                    Packet 4 (pages 8 - 11)



                                                                                      5/25 - Zoom Class Meeting @ 12

                                                                                  Packet 4 pics due by email before 12! 

                                                                                        Obviously we will not meet on 

                                                                                           Memorial Day - I'm sorry!!

                                                                                         Meet on Friday, 5/22 @ 1:00!



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