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    Packet 4 - Weeks 7-9

    Please use the following videos for help in completing and checking your math packet.

    Ordered Pairs Video Lessons:

    Ordered Pairs Introduction - Please watch this FIRST before completing any pages in the packet.

    Ordered Pairs Song

    Ordered Pairs - Part One

    Ordered Pairs - Part Two

    Ordered Pairs - Part Three

    * If you choose to do the Coordinate City Project, please email a photo of you with your city to mlyach@sasd.us. *

    Ordered Pairs Practice:

    Sink the Plot Battleship Game - Printable

    Coordinate Grid Treasure Map - Printable 

    Ordered Pairs Answer Keys:

    Answer Keys 

    Space Coordinate Graphing Answer Keys


    Numeric Patterns (Function Table) Videos:

    Function Table Lesson

    Function Table Song


    Numeric Patterns Answer Key:

    Answer Key


    Numeric Patterns Practice:  

    You will be unable to interact with the slides, but you can either print the pages to record your answers in pencil, or write your answers on a separate piece of paper.  An answer key is also linked below.

    Numeric Patterns Practice

    Answer Key


    Escape Room Answer Key:

    Answer Key


    Optional Enrichment Activities:

    1.  The following resource includes practice problems from the entire 4th Grade year!  These are problems that we would have used in class to review for the PSSA.  This would be a fantastic activity to complete over the next month.  A great idea would be to start out your math time each day by completing one page of this packet.  Let me know through Zoom if you have questions or need help completing any of the questions.

    4th Grade Math Review

    4th Grade Math Review Answer Key


    2.  The following is a review of all 4th Grade Math Standards.  I would recommend working through these problems as an added review and as preparation for next year.  You can print the   recording sheet, put in a plastic sheet protector, and reuse for each set of task cards.  Answer keys will be found at the end of each set of task cards.  Simply complete the work on a scratch piece of paper.  Let me know through Zoom if you have questions or difficulty solving the problems.

    4th Grade End-of-Year Review 

    Recording Sheet


    2.  Fractions are very important in 4th Grade!  We spend more time on fraction concepts than any other skill.  Below is an enrichment project with fractions.  I will warn you: it's challenging!  You might need to ask for some help, either from willing family members or from Mrs. Yachere on Zoom!  The answer key can be found at the end of the document.  Give it a try!

    Breaking up the Bakery Fractions Project


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