• Honors PreCalculus

    Mrs. Anderson



    Class Expectations

    ¨     Students will bring a writing instrument to class each day.  When you come into class please get out your homework, a calculator, and a textbook.   

    ¨     All students will be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.  If not, you will be marked late.  Students will remain in a seat the entire class period.

    ¨     All students must remain quiet and in a seat during classroom instruction.

    ¨     Only one student is allowed to be out of the classroom at a time.  Mrs. Anderson must sign your planner.

    ¨     All students will respect Mrs. Anderson, fellow students, the classroom and school materials at all times.  No inappropriate language or behavior will be tolerated.  If discipline becomes a problem, it will be taken care of according to the district policies.  The District Bullying Policy will apply in this classroom.

    ¨     Cheating will absolutely not be tolerated.  Refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

    ¨     Cell phones must remain off and out of sight during class.




    ¨     A student will be considered tardy if not in the classroom and in your seat when the bell rings.  Three tardies are the equivalent of a ½ hour detention.  Refer to the tardiness policy in the student handbook.

    ¨     A class cut is equivalent of 2 hours of detention.

    ¨     For excused absences, the student is required to complete all missed work, including class notes.  Extra copies of missed material will be location in the classroom.   Talk to Mrs. Anderson to schedule a time for a make-up exam.


    Homework and Make-up Work

    ¨     All homework assignments missed due to absence must be turned in when you return (depending on days absent) or a zero will be given.

    ¨     Homework is graded on completion, and is worth 3 points per assignment.  All graded homework assignments will be announced prior to the turn in date.

    ¨     Late homework is not accepted.

    ¨     Any student caught with another student’s paper will receive a zero on the homework assignment, as well as the other student.  This is considered cheating!

    ¨     The School District Homework Policy will apply:

    1st Incident:  Forgiveness

    2nd Incident:  Verbal Warning

    3rd Incident:  1/2 hour detention

    4th Incident:  1 hour of detention plus parent contact

    5th Incident:  2 hours of detention plus meeting with principal

    6th Incident:  1 Saturday suspension plus loss of privileges

    7th Incident:  2 Saturday suspensions plus loss of privileges




    Extra Help

    Please ask Mrs. Anderson to schedule a time for extra help.







    ¨     Grades will be determined based on the total number of points assigned.  The total number of points per nine weeks may vary. 


    ¨     Students will be graded on:

    -         Homework-3 points

    -         Quizzes-25-35 points

    -         Tests- around 50 points

    -         Activities/Projects- point values vary

    -         In-Class Assignments- points may vary







    First Nine Weeks-Review

    P.3 – Radical & Rational Expressions

    P.5- Factor Polynomials

    P.6 – Rational Equations

    P.7 – Equations


    1.1 – Graphs & Graphing Utilities

    1.2 – Basic Functions & Graphs

    1.3 – Functions & Graphs

    1.4 – Linear Functions & Slope

    1.5 – Slope


    1.7 – Combination & Composition Functions

    1.8 – Inverse Functions

    1.9 – Distance and Midpoint Formulas & Circle






    Second Nine Weeks

    3.1 – Exponential Functions

    3.2 – Logarithmic Functions

    3.3 – Property of Logarithms

    3.4 - Logarithmic & Exponential Equations


    10.1 – Sequence & Summation Notation

    10.2 – Arithmetic Sequence

    10.3 – Exponential Sequence & Series


    10.4 – Mathematical induction

    10.5 – Binomial Theorem

    10.6 – Counting Principles, Permutations, Combinations

    10.7 – Probability


    4.1 – Angles & Radian Measurement

    4.2 – Trig Functions – The Unit Circle

    4.3 – Right Triangle Trig

    4.4 – Trig Functions of Any Angle




    Third Nine Weeks

    4.5 – Graphs of Sine & Cosine

    4.6 – Graphs of Tan, Cot, Sec, Csc

    4.7 – Inverse Trig Functions

    4.8 – Applications of Trig Functions


    5.1 – Verifying Trig Identities

    5.2 – Sum & Difference Formulas

    5.3 – Double Angle, Power Reducing, Half-Angle Formula




    Fourth Nine Weeks-Intro to Calculus

    11.1 – Finding Limits using Tables and Graphs

    11.2 – Finding Limits using Properties

    11.3-Limits & Continuity

    11.4- Intro to Derivatives


    6.1 – Law of Sines

    6.2 – Law of Cosines

    6.3 - Polar Coordinates

    6.4 – Graphs of Polar Equations


    6.6 – Vectors

    6.7 – Dot Products


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