Course Description


    This nine-week course for seventh graders is designed to familiarize students with the commonly used features of  Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  
    Course Content
    • Word Basics
    • Basic Editing
    • Helpful Word Features
    • Formatting Text
    • Formatting Paragraphs and Documents
    • Working with Graphics
    • Working with Documents
    • Excel Basics
    • Changing the Appearance of a Worksheet
    • Organizing the Worksheet
    • Entering Worksheet Formulas
    • Using Functions
    • Enhancing a Worksheet
    • Working with Charts
    • PowerPoint Basics
    • Creating and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations
    • Working with Visual Elements


    Evaluation Procedures

    Exercises, in-class projects, and quizzes


    Levels of Achievement

    Grading is based on a point system. Assigned points for assignments vary with the degree of difficulty and the amount of time required to complete the assignment. The grading scale is 


    A        90-100% of total points

    B        80- 89% of total points

    C        70- 79% of total points

    D        60- 69% of total points

    F          0- 59% of total points


    I recommend that parents and students check the portal regularly to keep updated on grades and assignments.

     Classroom Expectations

    • No food or drinks in class.

    • Cell phones and other personal devices are not permitted to be used during class. They should be turned off and put away.

    • Students will be respectful to the teacher, each other, and the property of others.

    • Students should be in their assigned seats when the bell rings and should work until the bell rings to leave.  They need to clean up their work area.

    • Students need to be in class in order to receive instruction and complete assignments. If absent, arrangements to complete the work need to be made within three days of returning to school or a zero will be given. Students may go to the library during the Enrichment/Remediation time to complete work.  

    • Students who are late for class must have a signed planner or note.

    • Students may use the computers for school work only. 

    • Student's name will be printed on every printout.  Students must store all computer-generated work on their computers until the end of the grading period.

    • Students must follow the rules and guidelines listed in the student handbook. 




Last Modified on May 8, 2020