Mrs. Lorraine George

    email lgeorg@sasd.us

    phone 814-444-8455 Ext. 5156



    Course Description

    This course is designed to provide students with lessons on digital citizenship, skills to enhance their keyboarding, and activities to improve their computer productivity.

    For digital citizenship, students will complete lessons involving media balance and well being, privacy and security, digital footprint and identity, relationships and communication, and cyberbullying.

    For keyboarding, students will use the Typing.com program where they will improve their techniques, and accuracy.  Students will learn the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys. 

    For coding, students will use coding.org


    Classroom Expectations

    • Enter the room quietly, sit in assigned seat, and get on to your ipad.
    • Respect the teacher, fellow classmates, the learning process, and the property of others.  Do not talk without permission.  Raise your hand and be recognized before speaking.
    • Type school-related text and insert appropriate pictures. 
    • Remain seated throughout the entire class period.  
    • Wait at your desk until you are dismissed and leave in an orderly fashion.


    Good Techniques

    Position at the keyboard  
    • Proper posture
    • Feet on floor
    • Wrists low but not resting on keyboard
    • Elbows at a 90 degree angle
    • Eyes on copy
    • Fingers curved
    • Use correct fingers
    • Move fingers not hands
    • Fingers return to home row position after striking keys




    Keyboarding Survey

Last Modified on October 6, 2020