Computer Applications Course Syllabus

    Course Description


    Computer Applications is a 9-week, introductory course designed for beginning users of Microsoft Office 2010.  This course provides all the instruction necessary for a student to become a core user of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.


    Course Content


    Introduction to MS Word

         Word Basics

    Basic Editing

    Helpful Word Features

    Formatting Text

    Formatting Paragraphs and Documents

    Working with Graphics

    Working with Documents

    Increasing Efficiency Using Word


    Introduction to MS Excel

    Excel Basics

    Changing the Appearance of a Worksheet

    Organizing the Worksheet

    Entering Worksheet Formulas

    Using Functions

    Enhancing a Worksheet

    Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

    Working with Charts


    Introduction to MS PowerPoint

    PowerPoint Basics

    Creating and Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

    Working with Visual Elements

    Expanding on PowerPoint Basics




    Grading and Course Expectations


    Grading is accomplished on a point system.  Assigned points for class work, homework, quizzes and tests vary with the degree of difficulty.  Assignments missed during an excused absence must be made up within 5 days upon return.  Any work not made up after 5 days will be scored as a 0.  Students are evaluated on the following basis:


    A:  attain 90-100% of maximum points

    B:  attain 80-89% of maximum points

    C:  attain 70-79% of maximum points

    D:  attain 60-69% of maximum points

    F:  attain 0-59% of maximum points


    Classroom Rules


    • Students must follow the rules and guidelines listed in the student handbook.  All students must sign a User Agreement to use the computers.  Violation of this User Agreement may result in removal from the course.
    • Arrive to class on time, sit in your assigned seat and be prepared to work.  Have homework ready to be checked or collected and be sure to have appropriate materials (i.e., textbook, notes, pen or pencil, etc.).  Students are NOT permitted to go to their lockers to retrieve assignments or necessary materials.  Any assignment handed in late will be docked 20% for each day it is handed in late.  Work turned in late during the day it is due will be docked 10%.
    • High quality work is expected (work to be proud of).  Make sure it is complete, legible and on time.  Be responsible for missed work.
    • Respect the teacher, fellow classmates and the learning process.  Do not talk without permission.  Raise your hand and be recognized before speaking.  Be an active participant.  Ask questions.  Stay on task.  Discussion concerning the topic being covered is encouraged.
    • Remain seated throughout the entire class period.  Wait at your desk until the bell rings and leave in an orderly fashion.  Respect the equipment around you!
    • Inform the teacher immediately when you need assistance and be available to receive that help.
    • Cheating will NOT be tolerated!  Any student caught cheating on any assignment will receive an F for the marking period in which the cheating occurred.
    • No food (including candy or gum) or beverages permitted.
    • Students are permitted to access PowerSchool to check grades or use cell phones, PDAs, etc., when all work has been completed and have 85% or better in the course.
Last Modified on September 9, 2018