• Mrs. Gross                          

    World & American History II  and Criminal Justice                     

    Room 176



    1. Be on time.  Be in your seat when the bell rings.
    2. Come to class prepared.  Please have with you your completed homework, notes, textbook, and pen/pencil.
    3. Be on task.  Participation is graded.
    4. Respect the answers, questions and ideas of others.
    5. Cell Phones and other electronics are only permitted during non-instructive time.


    Requirements – A notebook/folder is required for all classes.   A book cover is required to be on assigned books at all times. 
    Notes - All students are required to take some form of notes.  Notes may be graded at the end of each chapter.  NOT taking notes/participating will adversely affect your grade.


    Homework/Tests - Homework is usually assigned one to two times per week and is due the next day unless announced otherwise.  The dates of all tests are always posted one week in advance.  A full review of all material usually takes place the day before the test.  Missing the review does not automatically excuse you from taking the test.  Several projects will be assigned throughout the year - work time in a computer lab will be provided for all projects.   


    Late Homework – No late homework will be accepted.  Missing homework  will be recorded as a ZERO score.  Time is usually provided in class to start and possibly finish all assignments - be mindful of your time.   
    Cheating - Cheating will not be tolerated.  Cheating on a test will result in a ZERO score on the test  for possibly both/all participants.  On a 2nd incident, an F (50%) for the 9 weeks will be earned.  A 3rd incident will result in failure for the school year in the course.  Cheating on homework will result in a ZERO score on the assignment for possibly both/all participants.  On a 2nd incident, an F for the 9 weeks will be earned.  A 3rd incident will result in  failure for the school year in the course.  No phones are permitted to be out on your desk or in sight during a testing period.  Failure to follow this rule will result in disciplinary action or a ZERO score on the test.
    Plagiarism - Any work or project done for this class that is plagiarized (copy and paste, etc...) will be counted as a zero score for the entire project/assignment.  At the second incidence, the student will receive a failing grade (50%) for that 9 weeks.


    Absences/Missed Classes - Students will be given the same number of days they were absent to hand in missed work.  As per the districts attendance policy – work / tests missed due to absence can have credit awarded if and only if a legal excuse has been handed in with in three days of the absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to get all missed assignments as well as to present the stamped planner to me upon his or her return to school. Missed tests must be made up with in 5 days - after 5 days the test score will be zero.   No bonus points will be added to make up tests.   It is expected that any student missing class for a music lesson, group meeting or an athletic event will pick up/drop off their work before leaving for their activity.  Failure to do so may result in half credit for the assignment.

    Grades – Points will be totaled from every assignment and test to assist in calculating grades.  Grades are weighted – Tests = 50%  Homework/projects = 40% Participation =10%.  Participation grades are based on being actively involved in class during class time - late to class, sleeping, doing other work, talking, not taking notes or  not doing assigned work - will result in points being deducted for each day or different incident that the lack of participation occurs.  50 points are given each 9 weeks for participation.   Two failing grades/percentages during the second semester will result in failure for the school year.   Percentages will be averaged together for semester and year grades.   


    Communication – I can be reached at 443-2831 during school hours or at mbgros@sasd.us  





Last Modified on August 19, 2019