• American History II

    Basic Course Outline

    September -
    US Map Quiz
    Ch 4 Progressive Era
    October -
    Ch 5 Emerging World Power
    Ch 6 World War I and Beyond
    November -
    I am the Ghost of.... Project/Speech
    Ch 7 The Twenties
    Ch 8 The Great Depression
    December -
    -Ch 8 The Great Depression
    Ch 9 The New Deal
    Its a Wonderful Life
    January -
    Grapes of Wrath
    Ch 10 The Coming of War
    Ch 11 World War II 
    February -
    Ch 11 Continued
    Ch 12 The Cold War
    March -
    We Didn't Start the Fire / Cold War Project
    Ch 14 Civil Rights Movement
    April -
    Ch 14 Continued
    Ch 15 The Kennedy and Johnson Years
    May -
    1960s CNN Series - America in the 60s
    Ch 16 Vietnam War Era
    We Were Soldiers
    All material/months are subject to adjustment in time frame
    ie.// Can't guarantee that Ch 12 The Cold War will be done/tested by the end of February
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