• World Cultures II

    Basic Course Outline

    September -
    Europe Map
    Ch 1 Sec. 3 & 4 - The Reformation
    Ch 2 The Muslim World Expands
    October -
    Ch 3 The Age of Exploration and Isolation
    Ch 5 Absolute Monarchs in Europe/Speech
    Ch 6 Enlightenment and Revolution/Scientific Revolution Project
    November -
    Ch 6 continued
    Ch 7 French Revolution and Napoleon
    Ch 8 Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West
    Revolution in the Arts Poster
    December -
    Project continued
    Ch 9 Industrial Revolution
    January -
    Ch 10 An Age of Democracy and Progress  Sec. 1 & 2
    Ch 11 The Age of Imperialism
    February -
    Ch 13 The Great War
    All Quiet on the Western Front
    March -
    Ch 14 Revolution and Nationalism
    Ch 15 Years of Crisis
    Ch 15 Group Project
    April  -
    Ch 16 World War II
    War Poster Project
    May -
    Night Continued
    Escape from Sobibor/Boy in the Stripped Pajamas
    All material/months are subject to adjustments in time frame.  I can't guarantee that the chapters will be done precisely at the end of a month.
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