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    True Story
    I read my first poem in the second grade, and I was forever changed. Words matter. That little poem was entitled, "Roads," and I remember thinking hard about those words:
    "A road can take you anywhere,
    to Mexico or Maine,
    And then it just might fool you,
    and lead you back home again."
    Wow! Enlightening stuff, right? I strutted through the house repeating those rhyming lines (complete with the long a sound in "again") thinking that I was the cat's pajamas. I was let in on a secret. I saw the gravel in my driveway for the first time--I mean, really looked at it. A drive to Altoona was so much more intriguing. What if we went that way instead? What might we find? Hmmm...My little brain worked overtime wrapping itself around the idea of travel and possibility, and it hasn't stopped since.
    What moves us can be a line on a page or an image outside our windows. The point is that we are moved. I learned that in second grade. 
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