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    It is now Monday, July 26, 2021...                                                                                         trust me
    Subject(s) Being Taught:
     Honors Physics
    AP C Physics
    AP Chemistry                                                   
     Chemical Science
    Textbook(s) Used:
     Modern Chemistry (Holt) - Honors & CS
     Cheimstry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change AP (Silberberg) - AP
    Cpllege Physics 7e - Honors
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers 9e - AP
    Contact Info:
    Phone: 814 - 443 - 2831 ext: 3440 this year
    A little about me ...                                                                                eagle head
    • Graduated Somerset Area High School - 2000
    • Graduated University of Pittsburgh- B.S. in Chemistry, '04
    • Graduated University of Pittsburgh - Masters of Arts in Teaching, '05         
    • Taught at McKeesport Area High School during MAT year: '04 - '05   
    • Taught at Turkeyfoot Valley ASD: '05 - '07 ( 2 yrs)
    • Teaching at Somerset ASD: '07 - present


                                           Pleae call or email me to if there are any aspects of the course or performance you would like to discuss or questions you may have .  Thank you.

    "science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking"
    -A. Einstein
    So What is Chemistry?
               The science concerned with the behavior, composition, structure and properties of matter and how it undergoes changes via chemical reactions within the constraints and flow of energy thus explaining the apparent spontaneity of processes.  It is a physical science often referred to as "the central science" because it connects the other natural sciences - astronomy, biology, physics and geology.
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