Subject(s) Taught: 8th grade: American Cultures
                                     10th grade: Highway Safety, World Cultures
    Textbook(s): American Cultures: "The American Journey"                                               
                           Highway Safety: "PA Driver's Manuel"
                           World Cultures: "World History"
    Contact Information: email: mfaris@sasd.us
                                       phone: (814) 443-2831 extension 3447
     Air Force   
    A little about me...
    I am originally from Pittsburgh and my wife Susan is a native of Somerset County and a former IU 08 Special Education Supervisor.
    Our son Mark Jack was born June 23, 2008.
    I have taught in Somerset since 2001.
    I previously taught in South Carolina and Susquehanna Township, 3 years each.
    I am a photojournalist in the Air National Guard
    B.A. in history from the University of Pittsburgh
    Masters in social studies education from the University of Pittsburgh
    Elementary teaching certificate from the University of South Carolina
    Administration certificate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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