• Getting Ready for Athletic Participation

    By their very nature many sports activities invite injury.  The physical exertion required, the numerous situations requiring body contact, and play that involves the striking and throwing of missiles create hazards that are either directly or indirectly responsible for the many different injuries suffered by athletes.  While participating in physical activity it is not uncommon for the athlete to experience injury at some point during the competitive season.  To ensure safe participation in athletics, try to follow some general guidelines for training to reduce the nature and severity of some common athletic injuries.

    Before the season starts, athletes should begin a gradual conditioning program.  Injuries are more likely to occur when poorly conditioned athletes over-train early in the season.  Use strength and weight training in the off season but only with proper instruction and supervision.  Select proper equipment specific to each sport.  Clothing and footwear need to be functional and comfortable while participating in athletics.  During the sports season maintain a balanced diet and get plenty of rest to avoid fatigue.  Utilize proper stretching techniques to minimize the risk of injury in the sport.  If at any time during the season the athlete becomes injured, notify the athletic trainer immediately.  Early evaluation and treatment of sports related injuries ensures a timely return to activity.  Upon the completion of the sports season it is imperative that the athlete continue to successfully follow training guidelines.  Remember:  Think, Play Smart!

    Mrs. Beth Costea, M.Ed., ATC
    Somerset Area School District Athletic Trainer

Last Modified on October 16, 2008