The Somerset Area School District ESTART Program is a systematic approach to the identification of students who may be at risk due to academic, social and/or emotional problems.

    ESTART provides intervention and if appropriate, referral of these students to internal or external support services.

    ESTART is an intervention, as opposed to treatment, designed to facilitate collaboration between a student’s home and school with the goal of meeting student needs.

    ESTART is a caring group that strives to develop positive self-worth in Somerset students.

    Who can refer students to ESTART?  Administration, Counselors/Social Workers, Nurses, Parents, School Staff, Students, Teachers, and Community Members.

    When can refer students to ESTART?

    * When a student demonstrates a change in behavior, attitude and/or academic performance

    * When a student expresses hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, and/or confusion

    * When a student is experiencing a personal or family crisis or loss

    * When a student withdraws socially from family, friends and/or teachers

    * When there is suspicion of drug and/or alcohol abuse

    CONFIDENTIALITY:  An important aspect of the ESTART process is confidentiality. The Somerset Area School District respects and maintains confidentiality throughout the ESTART process.

    If you have concerns about a student in grades Pre-K through 2nd and would like to make a referral, please click here to complete a form.