• The Somerset Area School District requires all employees and volunteers to comply with all applicable local policies and State and Federal requirements relating to criminal clearances, criminal record checks, child abuse record checks, mandated reporter training, arrest and conviction information, information regarding prior employment and child welfare matters, and physical/drug screening results.  To that end, the District requires the following documentation prior to any work (paid or volunteer) in the District.   Please consult the office of the school building in which you would like to volunteer PRIOR to completing ANY of the documentation to determine if there is a need and to gain permission to move forward to the next steps.  

     Clearances will not be accepted if they are older than one year from the date of Board approval 

    Act 34 Criminal History Record Check:  Employee/Volunteer  Print "certificate form."

    Act 151 PA Child Abuse History Clearance:  Employee/Volunteer - If you are having issues completing this form, please use internet explorer as your browser. This MUST BE COMPLETED ON A LAPTOP OR DESKTOP.  This cannot be completed on a cell phone or similar device.

    Act 114 (FBI) Fingerprinting Online Services Employee/Volunteer - You must complete the Act 114 clearance using the correct codes below.

    • Service code for school district employees: 1KG6XN
    • Service code for volunteers: 1KG6Y3

    Act 126 Mandated Reporter Trainings Part 1 and 2:  Employee only - Please follow the instructions by clicking on the attachments. 

    Act 24 PDE form 6004:  Employee only

    Act 168 Sexual Conduct Disclosure Release: Employee onlyAll potential employees over the age of 18 must complete this release for ALL current employers and ANY former employers that were school entities and/or where the applicant had direct contact with children. Complete the top area and Section 1, then return to Mrs. Barb Burns, Executive Assistant to the Central & Business Office. SASD will forward these forms for further completion.

    Adult-Student Policies 317 & 824:  Employees - You must read the following policies and follow the explicit directions on the disclaimer sheet.  Print the "Receipt of Documents" and submit to Mrs. Barb Burns in the central office prior to employment.

    Physical/TB/Drug testing form: - Employees - You must get this completed by Somerset Occupational Health.  Please follow the instructions that are on the top of the form.