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    English 8 Course Syllabus
    Somerset Area Junior High

    Instructor: Mr. Joshua Spaid
    Email: jspaid@sasd.us
    (814) 443 - 2831; Room:  212

    Course and Scope:

    Grade 8 English is a writing intensive survey course that will provide guided practice in sentence, paragraph, and composition writing.



    • Students are expected to come to class prepared to be active participants— participation in class is required of all students and may be factored into grading.
    • Students are expected to treat one another with respect—this includes showing respect for the contributions of others to class.
    • All students are expected to work hard and put forth their very best efforts—please be honest with both me and yourself.


    Class Rules:

    • Remain in your seats at all times unless instructed otherwise
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Do your own work



    • If you are absent from class for any reason; YOU are responsible for any missed assignments—this includes class notes. Some assignments, specifically those graded for participation, may not be able to be made up.
    • Tests will be administered in addition to other assessments throughout the year in order to appraise student learning. Students may re-take tests at the teacher’s discretion; however, it will be the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to do so.
    • I will only accept high quality work. All assignments should be completed in a timely manner— assignments received after the due date may not receive credit.



    • Student grades will be made available online through PowerSchool 
    • All grading will be done on a points system