• Mrs. Jill Closeme
    Speech & Language Support K-12
    Dear Parents,

    I am excited to begin another year in the speech room at Maple Ridge and the Jr./Sr. High. 
    For students who have been enrolled in Speech & Language Support during previous school years, I am happy to have the opportunity to continue working together. For those students just beginning with me, I am looking very forward to getting to know your child and family. I am eager to build a positive working relationship with you and your child; together, I anticipate we will make great gains in your child’s communication skills. With that being said, I want to stress the importance of at-home practice. I know life can become busy, but supporting carryover of skills across all settings is essential for success. Student's will continue to have speech folders this year containing their assignments and boom card logins.  This year, I will be using Schoology and Boom cards to assign homework and practice activities that can be completed at home. Please devote a few minutes several times a week to review and practice these items. In addition to supporting at home practice, you will be invited to attend your child’s IEP meeting at some point during the school year, as these documents are updated annually. You are a vital member of your child’s IEP team and your input and participation is crucial to helping your child become the best communicator they can be! Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns throughout the year. I am including my contact information below and look forward working with your family!
    One additional note: I have several links in the "Useful Websites" tab to word lists by sound that parents can use to supplement materials that are already in the speech folders. I have also included links to various "how to" videos; these clips provide helpful placement cues that parents can use to give students a visual support. 
    Mrs. Jill Closeme
    Mrs. Closeme Introduction Video
    (814) 443-2831 ext 5202 Maple Ridge  ext. 3298  Jr. High
    Jill Closeme, M.S. CCC-SLP
    Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)
    American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    Pennsylvania State License - Speech-Language Pathology
    M.S. Speech-Language Pathology
    California University of PA
    B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders
    California Univeristy of PA 
    B.S. Psychology
    University of Pittsbugh