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    Subject(s) Taught: 
    Honors Dual Enrolled Physics; AP Physics C; Physical Science
    Physical Science: "Physical Science", 2007, Borgford/Champagne, Holt, ISBN: 0-03-046228-2
    Honors: "College Physics", 2010, Wilson/Buffa, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 978-0-321-60183-4
    AP C: "Physics for Scientist and Engineers", 2014, Serway/Jewett, Brooks/Cole, ISBN: 978-1-133-95405-7 
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    8:00 AM - 9:30 AM, and 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Daily Monday Through Friday
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    My email is hkrein@sasd.us 
    A little about me...
          Hello,  my name is Homer H. Kreinbrook Jr., and I am the Physics Teacher at Somerset Area High School. I have taught and coached in other area districts, but here at Somerset I have found a home.  However, that really doesn't convey who I am. 
          There is nothing more important to me than family.  I am a devoted husband to Andrea, and father to Maeve.  I have very deep roots in Somerset County as I was born and raised in Berlin, the town in which I still reside.  I come from solid Christian, hard working parents, that instilled in me my work ethic and pride in performance.  As you can see by the picture that I have chosen to represent myself, I love to fish.  Actually, after my family, the outdoors is my passion. Fishing is number one, but hunting, golf, camping, and a host of other activities all make me smile. 
          People that know me probably most associate me with food.  I love to cook.  I have cooked in several restaurants in the area in years gone by, and have even managed to win a few BBQ contests.  There are many different vices and addictions in the world, I guess food is not such a bad one to have. 
          I am a 1987 graduate of Pittsburgh Technical Instutute, where I won the Mayor Calliguri Renaissance Award for Outstanding Achievement.  I worked as a mechanical design draftsman for several years before vision issues forced me to resign.  With help from OVR Blindness and Visual Services, I attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and obtained my bachelors degree in Physics Education.  My first real teaching job was at Carmichaels Area High School where I taught Physics, Applied Bio-Chemistry, and AP Biology.  It was only  a long term substitute position, but it was very good experience.  My next job was at the North Star High School.  I taught a wide variety of subjects at the Star, and also coached JH Boys Soccer, Varsity and JV Baseball, and Golf.
          At the Star I immersed myself in students activities, sponsoring many activities and clubs, such as the weight lifting club, the stage crew, the Prom, and many more.  In the eight and a half years I spent at North Star I made many great memories.  In 2004, I found myself in the enviable position of being marketable due to a teaching award I was lucky enough to have won.  I made the very difficult choice to switch districts, and I went to Windber.  There I taught Physics, and coached Varsity and JV baseball. 
          In the summer of 2005, friends convinced me that Somerset would be a great place to teach.  So after only one year at Windber, and really loving that school too, I made the jump to Somerset based almost purely on financial considerations.  Windber's saleries were higher, but the drive from Berlin to Windber was eating far too much gasoline.  To my delight, the Eagles not only turned out to be a wonderful place to teach, but a truely invigorating environment. 
          Since becoming a Golden Eagle, I have worked diligently to transform the Physics curriculum into what I consider to be the very best in the area.  IT has evolved 4 very distinct times during the past 12 years, always keeping in mind what the students need to further their education, or to enter the work force after graduataion.  At Somerset Area Senior High School, I co-coach the Chain Reaction Contraption Team, Co-coach the Varsity Scholatic Quiz Team, and mentor the Fly Fishing Club. 
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