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    Monday, July 26, 2021
    Position:  Mathematics Teacher
    Contact Information:   (814) 443-2831 ext. 3425
    Subject(s) Taught:  College Prep Geometry; General Geometry; and Essential Geometry
    Textbook(s): None handed out but Prentice Hall Geometry and College Preparatory Mathematics Geometry Connections are used as resources.
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    There are exciting changes occurring in Mathematics Education with the Common Core Initiative with its emphasis on critical thinking and communication.  As a result, how we teach and learn mathematics has changed (I think for the better) from generations past.  My goal is to help my students become mathematical thinkers, helping them to learn the habits of mind that will allow them to be successful in their chosen life path.  With students now having access to their own I-pads, we will be able to explore relationships and concepts using several online tools (like Geogebra) As a result, students will be working collaboratively (from a safe distance!!) exploring mathematical problems  that people encounter.   They will be summarizing and sharing their own solutions to these problems in addition to learning how mathematicians in the past have solved them.  Students will be learning to improve how they express and show their discoveries to their peers.  I also hope to show them the power and beauty of mathematics.  Welcome to a new year and learning and discovery!
    Bachelors of Education in Mathematics from the Pennsylvania State University (1993)
    Masters of Arts in Physics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2002)
    Various workshops and blogs from teachers around the world.
    My students teach me new mathematicals ideas every year.  
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