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    In order for us to properly register your children into the Somerset Area School District, you will need to bring the following documentation with you to the Student Services office when registering.  All children in grades 1-12 are enrolled at our office which is located at the Junior/Senior High.

                Proof of Residency w/current address (one document required)

                            Driver’s License/ID

                            Utility Bill

                            Rental/Lease Agreement or Closing Statement

                            Bank Statement – personal checks

                Verification of Student’s Age (one document required)

                                  Birth Certificate

                            Hospital Certificate with seal

                            Baptismal Certificate

                            Notarized statement with parent verification of DOB

    Student’s Health Records

                                  Immunization records            immunization requirements

    Physical records for students entering grades Kdg, 6 and 11 or for any student transferring from home school    Physical Form

    Dental Records for students entering grades Kdg, 3 and 7 or for any student transferring from home school     Dental Form

                            Medication requirements if applicable

                Parental Custody Documents (if applicable)

                                  If student is not living w/both natural parents                  

                Student’s School Information

                            Name, address, phone and fax number of school the student is transferring from

                            Report card, student schedule/transcripts

                            IEP (special education records)


    It is also required that you bring your children along at the time of registration for a photo to be taken for the student’s Photo ID Card.  

    If you are registering a student in grades 9-12 you will also need an appointment with the guidance office to get a schedule prepared.

    Registrations can be processed by appointment between 7:30 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 2:00.  Please plan on one hour for the registration process to be completed.  Only a natural parent or guardian can register a student.  Call our office at 814-444-3227 to schedule an appointment.

    In order to save time you can use our online forms.  Complete the forms by typing in the requested information and then printing them or print out the blank forms and write in the information.   Please bring all forms with you to your appointment.  Please complete a packet for each student.


    Registration Packet -  Registration Forms

    If you have moved in the district while school is in session and need to enroll a kindergarten student for the current school year you may use the online forms and call the Student Services office at 444-3227 for your appointment.  All the documentation listed above will be needed to register.  If you are looking to enroll a kindergarten student for the upcoming school year registration is done in April.  Packets are usually available the middle of March at Maple Ridge Elementary.






Last Modified on February 8, 2021