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Student enrollment is completed online via PowerSchool Enrollment Express. Below you will find instructions based on your student's situation, as well as resources to assist you in completing the process. You do not need to schedule an appointment, but we are always available to help if you run into issues or have questions.





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As always, student safety is our first priority. Transporting students to/from school can create numerous safety concerns for the district. One of the most important aspects in transporting our students is to keep track of which bus a student is to ride on a given day.

In order to accomplish this, the district requires families to follow our current transportation policy. The policy allows parents/guardians to select established morning and afternoon bus stops for their children for each day of the week. You can find important points from the policy by clicking the Transportation Policy link.

Routes and stops will be evaluated throughout the year for efficiency and accuracy. If you have questions about bus stops or anything regarding bus transportation, please contact Student Services at (814) 444-3227.

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