Eagle View Elementary School

PLEASE NOTE: The following directions should be used instead of the directions provided by Expedia.com.  Although the mailing address is 191 Discovery Lane, Eagle View Elementary School is actually located behind Maple Ridge Elementary School, off of New Centerville Road.

1.  Take Exit 10 - Somerset.

2.  From tollbooth, go straight to 2nd light (N. Center Ave.).  Eckerd Pharmacy will be on your left and Turkey Hill Market will be on your right.  Turn right.

3.  Go to third light (Main St.).  Main Street is a one-way street.  Turn right and get into the left lane.

4.  You'll go straight through 3 lights, passing local businesses into a more residential area.

5.  One block after the 3rd light, traffic will become two-way, and you'll have to turn left.

6.  After making the left, immediately get into the right lane.

7.  Turn right onto 281 S.

8.  Eagle View Elementary School is approximately 1/2 mile on your left across from Memorial Park Cemetery.  The first parking lot you come to is for Maple Ridge Elementary School.  Continue up the hill and you will come to Eagle View Elementary School.