Free Breakfast and Lunch program for ALL STUDENTS

COVID-19 Free Breakfast and Lunch Information

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Federal agency that oversees all school cafeterias and their funding, released nine (9) nationwide waivers related to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). One of the waivers permits School Food Authorities (school districts) to serve all school students—regardless of income—free breakfasts and lunches on school days, until December 31, 2020, contingent upon the availability of Federal funding.

This means that ALL Somerset Area School District students are now temporarily qualified for free breakfasts and lunch on school days, until Christmas break, unless a Federal funding shortfall cuts the program waiver short.

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What do Golden Eagle families need to know about
the free breakfast and lunch program?

The meals are available for school-aged children on school days
Students will still need to provide their lunch PIN numbers because the District must account for each meal

The program is funded by the Federal government

As of now, the program expires on the last day of school before Christmas break

The program does not eliminate existing lunch debt; however, it does provide a good chance for those with outstanding balances to get caught up on payments

Families still must complete their applications for free and reduced lunches for this school year since the waiver lasts only until Christmas break. If your family qualifies for free and reduced lunches, meal applications must be completed, submitted, and processed as soon as possible.

For a lunch to be considered free, it must adhere to the NSLP guidelines. This means that your child must pick the correct components for a “Type A” lunch. For instance, even if a child does not like apples, he or she must take an apple for the lunch fall into the “Type A” category and be free. If he or she does not take one or more required components of the “Type A” lunch, the student’s lunch account must be charged. Although taking food that one does not want may seem illogical, it is a very strict rule that all schools must require students to follow. Cafeteria staff will encourage students to take all components of the lunch in order to make it qualify as a “Type A.” Please discuss this with your children so they are careful to take everything needed for a free lunch.

Remember, students can always bring home pre-packaged or fruit items they do not eat at school.